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Bengal Cats and Vaccines

Pros & Cons to Cat Vaccinations

What's the story with vaccines?
As with any drug, there are Pro's and Con's to cat vaccines. IMO, these pros and cons should be shared with the owner prior to the vet administering them, but unfortunately, this is too often not done.
Although a vaccine reaction is typically not deadly (they are often deadly when the reaction is a sarcoma), they can cause your cat and you a lot of stress and expense. Don't be afraid to ask questions and let your wishes be known!
**If your cat does experience a vaccine reaction of any kind, be sure to notify your vet/and or manufacturer.
Unless told to the vaccine company, these reactions go undocumented and nothing will be done!
Jessica's Story......

About 3 weeks ago I took my 2 boys in to the vet for a normal checkup. Sebastian, my younger boy had a scratch we needed to get checked out and Nikko just came for the ride and a normal check up. The vet told me Nikko was due for his rabies shot, so I wanted to be a good mom and I listened to the vet.

Niko was given 1ML of a rabies shot manufactured by "Merial". A few days after the shot Nikko became VERY lethargic, he was limping, looked like he got dizzy a lot, didn't want to move, would basically sleep all day and would only eat a few bites and I would have to carry him to his bowl. He looked very lifeless and we didn't know what to do other than bring him to the vet.

We brought him in, and the first thing they did was blood work. Blood work was good, so the vet requested an ultrasound. She then did a biopsy after telling me that his spleen looked enlarged. We were almost 2 weeks into his symptoms and the vet was convinced he had cancer. I was rather surprised because I knew his symptoms didn't start until after he got the vaccine, but the vet was very adamant about it NOT being the vaccine and we were looking at something and I quote "much more serious"

At this point I called Lori to ask if she has even experienced anything like this before. I had my suspicions about the shot but didn't mention anything until Lori asked if Nikko had received any vaccines recently. I confirmed that he did and that his symptoms started shortly after the shot!

Well after putting my poor Nikko through a million tests and scaring me half to death, the vet finally came to the same conclusion, it must have been a bad reaction to the vaccine! I want to share this information and I want people to be very careful when they speak to their vet. Just because it's the law, doesn't mean it's safe. My cats are indoor only and to be honest there is no chance of them getting rabies. It isn't necessary! What's scary about this is that the vet told me she has "never seen a bad reaction" and she "definitely doesn't think it's from the rabies shot" So now I feel like I can't even trust my vet! If you research online there are plenty of people who complain about the side effects of a vaccine, and to be honest anything could've happened to Nikko if I wasn't paying close enough attention. He wasn't eating or drinking water. He lost 2 pounds and for a cat that's a lot of weight to lose.

Always do your research before getting any type of vaccine, Lori has always been there for me to assist with any questions I have had over the past 2 years and I seriously regret not discussing the vaccine with her prior to getting it done. Thank god we have health insurance but if we didn't we would've paid $3500 out of pocket. If you need insurance, I highly recommend Trupanion.

Please also NEVER give your baby a vaccine at the same time as a neuter/ spay. Remember with any vaccine you are putting a virus in the body and making it sick, in hopes the body will create antibodies to fight off the infection later on. It's hard on their bodies! Take care of your babies and don't always listen to the vet! Always ask questions!

Jessica- Mom to Sebastian and Nikko
Here is a statement one of my owners sent me after the vet "assured" him that the vaccine was completely safe to give at the same time kitty was neutered. I ask my new owners to not allow this, as it can overload the immune system and bring on a potentially dangerous situation.

A few pets may experience mild lethargy, soreness and slight fever.
They may also develop a lump at the site of vaccination (which can improve over time in a few weeks)
Some pets develop severe lethargy, painful abdomen, hives, facial swelling or difficulty in breathing or walking.If this persists or worsens, we recommend taking the pet to the ER.
Lori Graf
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